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Online Funeral Notice

During the funeral arrangement we will offer to set up a free online funeral notice page together with personal tributes and donations pages. These special pages display the funeral arrangement information, allows people to make in-memory donations to your chosen charity (including Gift Aid for any UK charity) and is a place where you can share memories, stories, photos and send words of condolence. The pages are controlled by you and are provided in partnership with MuchLoved, a UK registered charity that supports bereaved people and has three features for you to share with your family and friends.

Funeral Notice information

This notice provides all the details of the funeral so that your family and friends know exactly when and where it will be taking place, with any special requests that you may have made.


The online donations service allows you to nominate the charity or charities that your loved one supported and take online donations before and after the service. This secure system manages the funds raised and ensures they are sent directly to the charity. The service can collect donations for any UK registered charity using all major credit and debit cards. There is a small fee to cover card and processing costs but, as a charity service, this is much lower than other sites run by global fundraising companies.

Personal Tributes and Memories

This is where family and friends can share memories, stories and photos of your loved one. The online Tribute page is used to leave messages of support and condolence for you and your family.


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