Mears Repatriation: International Repatriations with Simplified Pricing

Sep 01, 2023

Mears Repatriation : International Repatriations

with Simplified Pricing

1st September 2023 by Mears Repatriation 


The loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time, and dealing with the logistics of international repatriation can add an additional layer of stress. Mears Repatriation understands the importance of providing support and simplifying this process during such difficult times. That's why we’ve introduced our new, simplified pricing structure for international repatriations.


At Mears Repatriation, we believe in transparency and ease of service, and our fixed fee of £2,750 reflects that commitment. With this new all-inclusive pricing model, we aim to provide families with peace of mind by covering all our essential services required for international repatriations (excluding flight and third-party costs).


Fixed Repatriation Service Fee

The core of our simplified pricing structure is the fixed fee of £2,750. This fee covers all the essential services offered by Mears Repatriation, ensuring that you have a clear and straightforward understanding of the costs involved. This fixed fee includes:


Professional Services : Our fixed fee includes our basic repatriation services, which encompass the coordination and organisation of the repatriation process. This includes liaising with HM Coroner, Embassies and Consulates, airlines and relevant agencies to ensure a smooth and timely repatriation.


Transportation and Care of Deceased : Our fixed fee includes the collection of the deceased within the M25 in working hours, care of the deceased and international embalming. Viewing can also be arranged at any of the 12 Mears Family Funerals branches. The fixed fee also includes transportation to the departure airport.


Basic Repatriation Coffin : Our fixed fee includes a basic repatriation coffin that meets the requirements of all international airlines. For those clients who require a more specific or custom option, we offer a wide range of coffin and American-style choices to accommodate individual needs.


Repatriation Documentation : Our fixed fee includes all the basic documentation required for the repatriation, including the Air Waybill, Freedom from Infection certificate, Out of England certificate and Embalming certificate.


Additional Costs

While our fixed fee of £2,750 covers the core services and a basic repatriation coffin, it's important to note that there are certain third-party charges that are not included in this price. These additional costs include:


Flight Costs : Flight costs can vary significantly based on factors such as the destination, airline, and the weight of the deceased. We quote an indicative flight charge based on 130kg on the website and will work closely with all international airlines to secure the most cost-effective flight at the time of need.


Consular, Legalisation and Translation Fees : Depending on the destination country, there may be consular, legalisation or translation fees required for repatriation documentation. These fees are set by the respective embassies or authorities and are charged separately from our fixed fee. We assist our clients in navigating these requirements and ensure all necessary documentation is in order.

Mears Repatriation is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional support to families during the challenging process of international repatriation. Our simplified pricing structure, with a fixed fee of £2,750, aims to provide transparency in a time of need and ensure that the repatriation process is as smooth and stress-free as possible, allowing families to focus on honouring their loved ones' memories.

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    Mears Repatriation: International Repatriations with Simplified Pricing