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Funeral Advice

Helpful advice and guidance on all aspects of arranging and attending a funeral, including: Types of funeral service; Religious funerals;  Music, hymns and readings; What to wear to a funeral; Funeral etiquette; and, Writing a eulogy.

Grief Support

No one is prepared for grief. The rush of feelings, the thoughts, anxieties, and heartache can take us by surprise and drive us to our knees. Yet, when we choose to harness that power for self-growth, amazing things can happen. Good can come from pain.

Useful Guides

We’ve put together a series of useful guides for those either planning or attending a funeral or memorial service. We hope you find these resources helpful.

Probate & Wills

The death of a loved one can mean that you will need to find a solicitor to help with the process of probate and estate settlement.

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