The Costs

As well as the cost of our services, which are guaranteed to be covered as set out in your plan, there are other costs you need to consider.

Our services

These costs are guaranteed to be covered by your Independent Way Funeral Plan and typically include:

  • Our professional services
  • Collection from place of death to our premises
  • Care of the deceased
  • Advice on certification and registration of death and related documentation
  • Provision of funeral vehicles and staff
  • Coffin or casket requested
Disbursement or Third Party Costs

These costs are beyond our control but will be paid by us, to the third parties, at the time of the funeral. They may include:

  • Crematorium fee
  • Clergy or officiant’s fee
  • Purchase of grave
  • Interment fee
  • Church or other venue fees
  • Organist fee
  • Order of Service
  • Memorial, such as headstone, entry in book of remembrance etc
  • Catering, floral tributes and newspaper announcements

As well as covering the delivery of your funeral as per the terms and conditions of your plan, your plan price includes a one-off £249 administration fee which Golden Charter receives to cover the cost of setting up, managing and administering your funeral plan.


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